Full Time Positions

Full Time Positions
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Volunteer and Temporary Positions

(NOTE: To apply for these temporary positions, please complete an hourly application (click here for fillable form) and follow the instructions in the listing. DO NOT complete an on-line application profile to apply for these jobs.)
Temporary, part-time and volunteer positions
Opportunity Type Location Closing Date
Shooting Range & Education Center VolunteerVolunteerAndy Dalton Shooting Range and Outdoor Education Center6/30/2020
Shooting Range and Program VolunteerVolunteerAugust A. Busch Shooting Range and Outdoor Education Center12/31/2019
Temp. Part-Time Wildlife Resource AssistantTemporary Part-TimeDavisdale CA, 682 County Road 453, Fayette, MO6/30/2019
Outdoor Education Center SpecialistTemporary Part-TimeJay Henges Range High Ridge Hwy 44 and Antire Rd1/3/2020
IT Application Support AssistantTemporary Full-TimeCentral Office8/10/2019
Wildlife TechnicianTemporary Full-TimeSettles Ford CA Garden City, MO10/31/2019
Part-Time Range Safety and Maintenance TechnicianTemporary Part-TimeAugust A. Busch Shooting Range and Outdoor Education Center6/21/2019
Administrative Specialist Temporary Part-TimeColumbia Bottom Conservation Area6/21/2019
Hourly Administrative Assistant (2 positions)Temporary Full-TimeJefferson City7/15/2019
Hourly Business AnalystTemporary Full-TimeJefferson City7/15/2019

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